Everyone meet Carter, Callie and Cami! This weekend, our staff arrived to an awful scene. Someone left 6 puppies in a tote outside our front door. It was very cold and rainy Friday night through Saturday morning which was when they were abandoned. They were soaking wet and freezing cold. To make things worse, they were also emaciated and wormy.

One puppy had already passed away before we arrived. We rushed them to one of our vets where we lost two more throughout the day to what we assume to be hypothermia. Even with supportive care they were unable to regulate their body temperatures. The remaining three puppies seem to be doing well.

Carter, the male, had his front tooth all the way through his front lip and some other injuries that were infected, so he is being treated with antibiotics. Cami and Calli, the two females, are being treated with antibiotics as well because all of the puppies’ paw pads are scraped raw. We think it may have been due to where they were being held before being abandoned.

These sweet babies will continued to be monitored by one of our vets and are resting comfortably with a foster for the time being. As you know, our adoption fees only cover the basics, so we need your help. These sweet little darlings are also on a more expensive puppy food due to their conditions, which we will include on our Amazon wish list. We are grateful for anything you can spare, whether it be prayers and shares or monetary donations. Thank you for always stepping up when we need help!