Mojo found her Furever home!

2 Comments on "Mojo found her Furever home!"

  • Barbara Tippins says

    We are visiting from out of town and a stray Boston Terrier just came up to the house we are visiting. She is shivering it is so cold and very skinny. However, she is friendly and i’m sure she was someone’s pet st one point. Is there any way you can take today? We are not allowed to have songs in the house we are renting.

    • Patti says

      I am so sorry Barbara that no one answered your question about the Boston Terrier. I hope you found the owner. I am the administrator of this site and you are the first “person” who has actually made a comment since I have been doing it. Usually, it is nothing but spam. I am sorry I didn’t check it sooner. And thank you for your kindness toward the Boston Terrier.

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